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The begleri is a tiny skill toy. The begleri has two main parts: the begleri string and the begleri beads. For begleri string you can use any piece of cord - we give a bunch of braded cords in our set. However choosing an excellent pair of begleri beads is a more difficult task. We manufactured these begleri beads from aluminium so they have a great momentum during play and can be flipped smoothly. We offer you two different shapes at the moment: the Hyper Egg Begleri has ovoid shape, while the Hyper Tower Begleri has cylindrical shape. You can choose three finishes: glossy, satin, antiqued. All Hyper begleris come with a printed snap Hyper case and are sold in a paper box. We designed and made the Hyper begleris with love and commitment to the begleri play and the begleri community. We hope you will spend many hours with spinning them. Peace.